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Plastic Forest
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January 2016
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Plastic Forest [userpic]

rgmusashi's Treecko collection

Treecko, a Wood Gecko Pokémon, is the grass-type Pokémon available to new Pokémon trainers in the Hoenn region. It evolves into Grovyle and then Sceptile. Its Japanese name is キモリ Kimori. It is the 252nd Pokémon.
• It is based on Diplodactylus vittatus, the eastern stone gecko (a.k.a wood gecko).

Pokédex entries:
• Treecko has small hooks on the bottom of its feet that enable it to scale vertical walls. This Pokémon attacks by slamming foes with its thick tail.
• Treecko is cool, calm, and collected - it never panics under any situation. If a bigger foe were to glare at this Pokémon, it would glare right back without conceding an inch of ground.
• It makes its nest in a giant tree in the forest. It ferociously guards against anything nearing its territory. It is said to be the protector of the forest's trees.
• It quickly scales even vertical walls. It senses humidity with its tail to predict the next day's weather.
• The soles of its feet are covered by countless tiny spikes, enabling it to walk on walls and ceilings.
• Small hooks on the bottom of its feet catch on walls and ceilings. That is how it can hang from above.

• If Treecko were real, it would be 1 foot, 8 inches tall (55 cm) and would weigh only 11 lbs (5 kg).

Here are some photographs of most, but not all, of my Treecko items.

Giant Taiwanese plush (Top Insight)
I LOVE THIS GUY!! He's just a few centimeters short of full-scale.

10th anniversary PokéDoll (Pokémon Center 2008)

PokéDoll (Pokémon Center 2003)

Semi-DX PokéDoll (Pokémon Center 2004)

Puppet (Takara Tomy Heartland)

Bowling pin plush (Pokémon Center 2004)

Mystery AG plush

Sitting plush (Banpresto 2003)

Contest plush (Banpresto 2004)

Cute plush (Banpresto)

Regular and ball keychain plush (Banpresto)

Small ball keychain plush (Pokémon Center)

Large terrycloth plush (Banpresto 2004)

Small plush (Takara Tomy)

Laying bean bag plush (Hasbro)

Derpy McMini plush

Friends plush (Bandai 2004)

Bottle pouch (Banpresto 2003)

Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, and LeafGreen ball keychain plush (Banpresto 2004)

Walking starter ball keychain plush (Pokémon Center 2009)

Poké Ball suction cup plush (Takara Tomy Heartland)

Convertible Poké Ball plush (Takara Tomy)

Mascot plush

Mystery plush (Banpresto 2003)

Christmas cake plush (Takara Tomy)

Head cushion (Banpresto)

PokéBall cushion (Pokémon Center U.S.)

Reversible cushion (Banpresto 2002)


Derptastic plush (Hasbro)

PokéPark hat (Pokémon Center 2005)

Walking starter washcloth (Pokémon Center 2009)

Party in the Garden washcloth (Pokémon Center)

AG group bandanna (Pokémon Center)

PokéDoll figure (Pokémon Center)

Large action figure (Bandai 2004)
This one is so cute! It's one of my favorites. Push down on his body, and his tail slams down; push down on his head, and his arm swings forward.

Large, talking action figure (Hasbro 2005)
Push a button on the back of his head, and his torso moves to perform Slam with his tail. He also shrieks in his terrible English dub voice. The toy is about six inches tall.

Large, rubbery figure (Takara Tomy 2002)

Bobblehead (ToyFull)

Mini bobblehead (Yujin Tomy)

Clear keychain and regular Monster Collection figures (Takara Tomy)

Zukan figure (Takara Tomy)

Regular, shiny, and clear Kid figures (Bandai 2002)

Regular, clear, and shiny Kid figures (Bandai 2005)

Kid figure (Bandai 2009)

Suction cup figure (Banpresto)

Wind-up toy (McDonald's 2003)
It's missing the wind-up lever. But it's supposed to walk while its tail moves up and down.

Whistle (Yujin Tomy)
I cannot figure out how to get the whistle to work, unless it is supposed to be so high-frequency adults can't hear it.

PokéBall train figure (Bandai)

Mystery Hoenn starter figures

Ball figure (Banpresto)

Candy dispenser (Bandai 2003)

Mystery figure
There's a stopper on his butt, so you can put things inside him. o_o

Game piece (Takara Tomy 2003)
The plastic is a bit harder than a Bandai Kid figure, but this is also hollow.

Trading Figure Game piece (The Pokémon Company International/Kaiyodo 2006)

Chess piece (Tomy/Kaiyodo 2004)

Notice the differences in the molds and paint jobs.

Ceramic coin bank (Tokai Kogeki)

Pull-back racer toy (Bandai)

"Re" bell (Kyodo)

Pencil topper (2007)


Former keychain with Pikachu
I removed Treecko from the keychain and hung Pikachu from my car's rear-view mirror. :)

Mystery game piece (Takara Tomy 2003)

Small standing figure (Bandai)

Small, attacking figures (Hasbro 2003)

Sitting figure (Bandai)

Small sitting figure (Bandai)
It has a peg hole on the bottom.

Another small sitting figure
Again, a peg hole on the bottom.

Small, metal chip figure
There is a little, round, metal chip under his feet.

MiniCot figure (Banpresto 2005)

Sitting star figure (Bandai)

Roller figure (Bandai)
There's a little metal ball on the bottom of the base, so the figure can roll around.

Buildable gashapon figure (Yujin Tomy)

Another buildable gashapon figure (Takara Tomy)

Parade toy (Bandai)

Full Color Advance figure (Bandai)

Weird-ass pencil topper (Bandai)
I don't know...


Pewter, silver, and gold metal figures

Contest mascot charm (Bandai)

Scope keychain

Strap (Dai'ichi Pan)

Bell charm (Takara Tomy)

CharaBottlin (Takara Tomy)

Mascot (Bandai)
He's being very gecko-like here. Or very creepy. You decide.

Movie 6 metal ball keychain (Takara Tomy 2003)

Poké Ball bell keychain (Kyodo)

Former projector(?) keychain

Party in the Garden magnet (Pokémon Center 2003)

Flower magnet

Movie 6(?) magnet (possibly Pokémon Center)

Small magnet (Banpresto)


Lenticular dog tag ball keychain (Banpresto 2005)
The picture doesn't do this justice. Depending on how you tilt the keychain, it displays an image of Treecko, Grovyle, or Sceptile.


Mini mug (Bandai)

Light-up stamp (Yujin Tomy)
This is AMAZING. Not only does it have a self-inking stamper, the figure lights up when you press it down.

"Erai!" stamp (ShoPro)
No more ink. "Erai" means "great."

PokéDoll eraser (Pokémon Center 2004)
The other side features Groudon's PokéDoll art.

Metal coins
Sceptile is on the other side.

Apple soda candy tin (Pokémon Center 2002)
Please excuse the sticker.

Treecko and Corphish PokéCan

Treecko and Sceptile PokéCans

Hoenn starters mug (Kids Land)

Bean (U-mate 2003)


Mighty Bean (Moose 2004)

Rubbery flat thing

3-D sticker

Badge pin (Pokémon Center 2002)

Another pin (Pokémon Center 2004)

Ash's Treecko pin

PokéPark pin

TCG coin (The Pokémon Company International)


Walking starter pouch (Pokémon Center 2009)

Bandai bispenser

I was wondering if you have any Bandai Candy dispensers to sell or know where i can get them.Really like the one you have.Thanks Mark.

Re: Bandai bispenser

Hi there. I bought mine a really long time ago from another pkmncollectors user, but I don't remember who it was. I'm not sure where you can buy any more, sorry. :(