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Plastic Forest
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January 2016
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Plastic Forest [userpic]

rgmusashi's Snivy collection

Snivy, the Grass Snake Pokémon, is the grass-type Pokémon available to new Pokémon trainers in the Isshu Unova region. Its Japanese name is ツタージャ Tsutarja. It is the 495th Pokémon. It evolves into Servine and then Serperior.
Pokédex entries: It is very intelligent and calm. Being exposed to lots of sunlight makes its movements swifter. It basks in the sun and undergoes photosynthesis with its tail. Its tail droops if it loses energy.
• It's based on Opheodrys aestivus, the North American green grass snake, and vine snakes.

• If Snivy were real, it would be about 2 feet tall (60 cm) and weigh about 18 lbs (8 kg).

Here are some photographs of most, but not all, of my Snivy items.

PokéDoll (Pokémon Center 2010)

PokéDoll pen (Pokémon Center 2011)

Six-inch plush (Pokémon Center 2010)

Six-inch plush (Takara Tomy 2010)

Talking plush (Takara Tomy 2010)

Talking plush keychain (Takara Tomy 2011)

Plush mascot (Banpresto 2010)

Ball keychain plush (Banpresto 2010)

Small plush (Banpresto 2010)

Super DX plush (Banpresto 2010)

Super DX chibi sparkling plush (Banpresto 2011)

"Victini's Introduction" UFO catcher plush (Banpresto 2011)

Giant chibi plush (Banpresto 2010)

Dream World plush (Pokémon Center 2010)
She can be removed from the bed.

Christmas plush (Pokémon Center 2010)
The PokéBall is a bell.

Reversible plush (Jakks Pacific 2011)

Plush (Jakks Pacific 2011)

PokéBall toy plush (Jakks Pacific 2011)

PokéBall launcher figure (Jakks Pacific 2011)

Figure with disc shooter base (Jakks Pacific 2011)

Patch cloth (Pokémon Center)

Long towel (Banpresto 2011)
I folded it a bit for the picture...

Monster Collection figure (TOMY 2010)

Monster Collection Plus figure (TOMY 2010)

Soap figure (Ensky 2010)
Rescued from the depths of milk soap hell by denkimouse.

KeshiPoké figure (Ensky 2010)

Kid figure (Bandai 2010)

Another Kid figure (Bandai 2010)

Shiny repaint Kid figure (Bandai 2010, repaint by me)

Clear and regular Chou Get figures (Bandai 2010)

Chupa Surprise figure (Takara Tomy Arts 2010)

Clipping figure (Bandai 2011)

Sukui doll (ShoPro 2010)
Similar to a Kid, but without a hole on the bottom, this is a toy for a carnival fishing game.

TCG pre-order figure (Kaiyodo 2011)

Parade toy (Bandai 2011)

Figure stamp (Takara Tomy Arts 2011)

Isshu starters zukan figures (Takara Tomy 2010)

Snivy, Servine, and Serperior zukan figures (Takara Tomy 2011)

Metal figure (2011)

Ichiban Kuji keychain (Banpresto 2010)

Squishy ball keychain (Bandai 2010)

Light-up ball keychain (Bandai 2011)

Hard plastic keychain (Pokémon Center 2010)

Regular and clear mascots (Bandai 2010)

Name tag mascot (Takara TOMY Arts 2010)

Attack keychain (Banpresto 2011)

Figure keychain (Banpresto 2010)

Metallic figure keychain (Banpresto 2010)

Figure ball keychain (Takara Tomy Arts 2010)

PokéBall keychain (Basic Fun 2011)

Mascot + strap (Pokémon Center 2010)
She has the same expression as the six-inch PC plush.

Dream World mascot + strap (Pokémon Center 2010)

Metal Poké Ball keychain (Takara Tomy Arts 2010)

Sound drop (Bandai 2011)

Chopstick rest (Pokémon Center 2010)


Action ball keychain (Bandai 2010)
Push the button on the PokéBall, and Snivy's tail wiggles.

Dream World metal charm (Pokémon Center 2010)

Christmas metal charm (Pokémon Center 2010)
Sorry for the poor photo — it's hard to photograph the reflective outlines of this charm.

Metal clip/charm (Takara Tomy Arts 2011)

Pokémon with You pin (Pokémon Center 2011)

PokéBall projector
This is so cool... It has a light and image inside, so Snivy's image is projected wherever you point the front of the ball.

Stamp Retsudens (top) and Pokémon Center stamps (Ensky and Pokémon Center 2011)

C.C. Lemon and various magnets (2011)

Clear file (Pokémon Center 2010)


Wristband (Pokémon Center)

DS wrap (Pokémon Center 2010)
Also holds two games!

DS Lite hard cover
Pictured on my Dialga/Palkia DS Lite with a broken hinge ;_;

DS stylus + cleaner (T-Arts 2010)

Snivy, Servine, and Serperior T-shirt (Uniqlo 2010)